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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Allen vs. Warner in VA?

CHB knows people. Even people in Virginia. Word is that advisors close to Democratic Governor Mark Warner are urging him to challenge Sen. George Allen, who is up for reelection next year.

It would pose a massive challenge to Allen, who doesn't generate the kind of daily political buzz among Virginians as Warner does. Allen is currently coasting to reelection without an opponent.

Warner, whose White House aspirations are about as well known as Allen's, has been told that Hillary Clinton has 2008 so effectively locked up that a Senate bid is his only way to maintain his credibility in 2012 and beyond. Allen's internal polling shows Warner would beat the incumbent in a face-off today. What looked to be a snoozer across the Potomac could end up generating some heat. Maybe we'll even get a sighting of the swiftboaters landing at Rosslyn? (yes, these brave American heroes are planning to set up their own independent political shop to swiftboat anything that gets in the way of whoever is footing the bill.)

The DSCC is apparently pitching to Warner too, telling him that he could be part of a Democratic coup in Senate 06 races, along with Casey in Pennsylvania. CHB can dream.


Blogger strategery4 said...

Ooooh, this would be cool. I mean, is there anything dumber in politics than Virginia's ban on serving two consecutive gubernatorial terms? And Allen is a real moron -- you'd think he was the one who got hit in the helmet too many times, rather than his dad.

Sorry to hear about Hilary, though -- for the Dems, I mean. How many times to they have to have their hat handed to them by nominating a Northeastern Liberal (even a carpet-bagging one) before they learn their lesson? Her only hope is that Frist is the Republican nominess and that turnout is about 15% as a result (the rest of us having been put to sleep by their stentorian speaking styles). Wake me up in 2012, though!

7/28/2005 10:49 PM  
Blogger cornhuskerblogger said...

amen up and down strategery. i see hillary doing her moderate democratic thang and making all the right center-leaning noises (attacking sexxx in our kid's video games; speaking about the terrible price of abortions) but it's all so totally for nothing. She could join the John Birch Society, goose step around the halls of the Capitol, and marry Ted Olson, and she'd still be a commiewackotraitorfeminazi to the right.

Allen is a true moron. I like the helmet bit -- considering his nauseating penchant to use football analogies to describe basically everything. The x-factor i think may be Warner's rumored lady-issues. The stories i hear are fairly raucous. Too bad the Dems can't learn a thing or two from the GOP and conduct their felonies on private golf courses instead of in bars.

7/29/2005 7:36 AM  
Blogger strategery4 said...

and she'd still be a commiewackotraitorfeminazi to the right.

Funny stuff -- but it wouldn't convince me either and I'm a plague-on-both-your-houses independent. As the saying goes, you can tell when she's lying because her lips are moving.

The x-factor i think may be Warner's rumored lady-issues. The stories i hear are fairly raucous.

Wow -- that's news to me. Thanks for the inside info. And I thought he was too goofy lookin' to get any. Maybe he was hangin out with Chuck Robb too much. But I find myself missing the days when the worst things pols did was fuck around -- with women, I mean, not with the country.

7/29/2005 4:51 PM  
Blogger cornhuskerblogger said...

we're meshing strategery4. meshing i say.

from my experiences removed from strictly politics and in the world of policy, i will say that hillary has done some good work on depleted uranium issues in former war zones. otherwise, i smell presidential positioning. but she's never been accused of being stupid. she's working it.

as for warner's potential bimbo eruptions, he has apparently been known to have a little thing for georgetown coeds. but look at me telling stories out of school. back to class for me.

(goofy looking, Washington edition: i know a fat congressman. i've seen him in his fat underwear at his mistress's fat place. he ain't got nothing on Warner's comparatively leadingman looks. Rep. Fatty shoots, he wins election, he scores. and scores. and scores.)

7/29/2005 5:37 PM  
Blogger Jonah B. Gelbach said...

i can verify that strategery4 is such an independent....i bet he voted for bush in 2000 and kerry in 2004....

and i cannot verify the fat rep business! but i wish i knew more!

7/29/2005 5:59 PM  
Blogger cornhuskerblogger said...

i can't wait to tell you this little, actually this corpulent, story.

7/29/2005 6:09 PM  
Blogger Jonah B. Gelbach said...

well, i will buy the first round, my friend!

7/29/2005 6:17 PM  
Blogger strategery4 said...

Now who would be so stupid as to have that voting pattern? I mean, they'd have to be voting against the incumbent party out of sheer spite -- and this is serious business, not Jerry Seinfeld returning a blazer.

All you'll get from me is that, when I was young and irresponsible I was young and irresponsible (snort). And that goes until I turn 40.

As for Congressman Fatty -- a little too much information there for my tastes. Especially if said Congressman is Phil English (shudder).

7/30/2005 12:52 AM  

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