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Monday, July 18, 2005

He's too saxby for his ethics, too saxby for his ethics, so saxby it hurts

Sen. Saxby Chambliss, you are the winner of CCM's 11am Monday edition of the GOP influence-peddling/nepotism follies. You'll recall Chambliss is the one who beat triple amputee Max Cleland in part by linking the Vietnam vet to Osama bin Laden -- not by documents or anything meaningful, but by simply running their pictures together during a Chambliss campaign spot.

Seems there's a Chambliss Junior -- Clarence Saxby ``Bo'' Chambliss Jr. -- who works for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the U.S.'s biggest futures market. Junior's job: ``to lobby members of his father's congresional committee and other lawmakers on legislation that may increase trading at the exchange.''

More from Bloomberg News:

Chambliss ``is one of two staff lobbyists at the Merc charged with `providing information onissues that impact our industry to decision-makers inWashington,' Chicago Merc spokesman David Prosperi said. Saxby Chambliss, a Georgia Republican, chairs the Senate Agriculture Committee, which jointly oversees the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and must this year pass legislation reauthorizing the futures regulator through 2011. The CFTC's current authority expires Sept. 30. The panel may vote as early as this month on a bill to reauthorize the CFTC, committee spokesmanKeith Williams said.''

Did the Chambliss boys recently make any real estate deals too?


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