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Thursday, July 21, 2005

It's watergate under the bridge

Remember the good old days? The GOP never seems to stop pining for them. Those faded memories of mom fixing to pour some homemade lemonade for dear old dad just home from work. Those family trips down Route 66. The rear entrances for black people.

And remember how private interests used to be able to give as much cold hard cash as their hearts' desired to political candidates? Remember slush funds?

The wingbots do, and they're all nostalgic. Sure, they can't overturn the voting rights acts of the 1960s, or force women out of the workforce -- pray as they might. But they sure as heckfire can erase the reforms made in the wake of Watergate.

Tom Delay, former bug zapper and current degenerate heartthrob, is doing his best to bring back the old and make it new again -- by moving to clear away limits on political donations. Sure he's crazier than a sprayed roach, but he's in deep doodoo. His Republicans on the Hill are running neck and neck with the Ebola virus in national popularity contests. And money is the universal elixir. I'm sure this has nothing to do with trying to buy a permanent GOP majority -- and everything to do with the children.


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