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Monday, July 18, 2005

Just a little Washington scandal

While the Rove story is still being treated like some kind of Jane Austenesque tale of Washington salon intrigue, remember that it is, on the money and to the decimal point, about a bloody war fraudulently sold to the nation and the world. Yes, the WH's dramas are all for the benefit of their hardcore domestic audience -- but make no mistake that the world is watching. And tallying the damage done.

Chatham House, the venerable London brain box, today released a report that in the most gentlemanly, and urgent, tones damns W's global war on terror. Great Britain played poodle to the U.S. pitbull and is paying the price.

``There is no doubt that the situation over Iraq has imposed particular difficulties for the UK, and for the wider coalition against terrorism. It gave a boost to the Al-Qaeda network's propaganda, recruitment and fundraising, caused a major split in the coalition, provided an ideal targeting and training area for Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists, and deflected resources and assistance that could have been deployed to assist the Karzai government and to bring bin Laden to justice. Riding pillion with a powerful ally has proved costly in terms of British and US military lives, Iraqi lives, military expenditure, and the damage caused to the counter-terrorism campaign.'' (July 2005)

So while official Washington is twisted about its ``scandalous, ill-natured rumor,'' remember this is all really about the lies told to smear someone who spoke up about earlier lies that drummed us up a war. And the war's fallout is nowhere near limited to the borders of a sovereign Iraq.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too bad we aren't as scandalized by scurrilous behavior now as they were in Austen's time; the protagonist's would no doubt be shunned by society.

7/18/2005 4:29 PM  

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