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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Keep your eyes on the ball

John Roberts looked touched tonight as W ticked off his white-bred-ivy-league creds. But then again, I'm sure all high court nominees are touched to just be nominated -- they're just not typically trotted out in a prime time news conference.

This White House can't bash Hollywood enough, but it seems a bit of self-hatred. The stagecraft and production values of tonight's hurried little affair are impressive. They roped all the networks in. They've got EVERYONE talking wall to wall Supreme Court. There's a spirited debate opening up. It's all vitally important stuff. And it's all misdirection.

Which is a shame. It's a shame for the WH to so bastardize the SCOTUS nomination process. Big time decisions made there. But this is par for the W course. Nothing is sacred. Not even war.

Iraq was a misdirection too -- and it took about two years for the mainstream press to figure it out.

So cover this story, run it on the front pages media mandarins out there. But don't do it at the cost of RoveWarLiesDeathGate.


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