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Monday, July 18, 2005

Liberty is on the march, seriously

Iraq's nabobs and mullahs are hurrying to wrap up their spanking new constitution, but i sure hope they don't close the door on all of the country's women. Yes, it appears there's legitimate concern in-country that Iraqi women will have less legal stature in the future than they did under Saddam Hussein.

The Women's Alliance for a Democratic Iraq today urged Iraqi and western leaders to include protections in the national constitution to combat violence against women.

``Through all previous decades, Iraqi women have participated, and contributed collectively with their fellow brothers in the building of Iraq's society. As the women in Iraq constitute more than 50% of the population, it is imperative that their contributions in building a new Iraq be recognized and encouraged through equal rights in the Constitution and the inclusion of a minimum of 40% participation of women in key governmental and parliamentary positions. It is economically in the best interest of the Iraqi society that women are provided the tools and the opportunity to seek a better future in Iraq.''

Maybe the WH can deploy Ken Mehlman to tell the female minority demographic how much they're loved?


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