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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Wag the media

What's the best way to get RoveWarLiesDeathgate off the front pages? If you are the Bush White House, coming clean and taking responsibility isn't an option. How about a distraction?

WASHINGTON, July 18 -- Administration officials said on Monday night that President Bush's selection process for a Supreme Court nominee was moving far faster than they expected, a signal that there could be a candidate within the next few days. NYTimes 7-19-05

Didn't W say he was in no rush to choose a nominee only a week ago?


Blogger cornhuskerblogger said...

A committed CCM reader (someone needs help) reminds me that W's way of evaluating others is to look 'em in the eyes and listen to his gut. He said he was going to really scrutinize the potential SCOTUS nominees. Let's hope his peepers and his gut are more in sync than they were when he went mano a mano with Putin. (thanks to MT for the suggestion)...

7/19/2005 3:23 PM  

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