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Sunday, July 17, 2005

When the going gets tough, the desperate get rough

``When you don't have a positive agenda, smear and attack,'' RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman, on `Meet the Press.'

He was talking about Democrats - and he looked plain loony next to CAP's John Podesta. While Mehlman regurgitated the litany of cardinal sins allegedly committed by Joe Wilson, Podesta recalled the lessons learned from the Clinton White House: don't deploy legalisms, tell the truth, level with the public, etc etc.

Mr. Mehlman responded that he likes Karl Rove and thinks Rove ``honorable.''

So where's the news there? Maybe that Act II had Woodstein talking about Watergate and Mark Felt, aka Deep Throat. The contrapuntal composition of today's MTP was refreshing. Rove's little crime isn't so little -- just as a certain third-rate burglary at DNC HQ wasn't. It's part of a much larger criminal conspiracy that's spun lies and spilled blood. Maybe John Dean wasn't just trying to minimize his own crimes by claiming the sins of W are worse than RMN's?


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