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Saturday, August 06, 2005

A crime is a crime is a crime

I don't know whether to laugh or cry:

``Administration Takes Broad Reading of Espionage Law.'' NYT (8-6-05)

The leaking of background Pentagon information used in the formulation of Middle East policy has landed one former DoD analyst and two former AIPAC goons in hot DOJ prosecutorial water.

But the leaking of an ACTUAL INTELLIGENCE ASSET working directly in the field of WEAPONS OF MASS DESCTRUCTION prompts not a broad reading of espionage law by the administration but new levels of hagiography for Rove. Blessedly, not all of the love is heartfelt and the DOJ (and thus the administration) is no longer behind the wheel of the RoveWarLiesDeathGate investigation.

Today's NYT article doesn't seek out any GOP foreign policy mandarins for comment -- or even any party lackeys on the Hill. It's evidently too early to turn this stinky-turd into a political matter. But it will happen. And it will be mucho interestingo to read who in the majority is able to parse the two issues so delicately as to emerge law-and-order tough on the Affair de Franklin while remaining pliantly partisan on the RoveWarLiesDeathGate matter.


Blogger Jonah B. Gelbach said...

well put, chb.

check out mark kleiman's site for lots of talk re the espionage act and rwldgate. including a recent post on why the aipac indictment is bad news for kr.

8/06/2005 12:57 PM  

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