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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Still crazy after all these years

In an earlier post I made light of Frank Gaffney. He is, as they say in carny circles, nuttier than elephant dung at the circus. And now he's weighing in on the acronym wars GWOT vs. GSAVE -- and nothing less than the survival of America hangs in the balance. He quite literally is calling for open, unending war. By going soft with words, he says, we should just as well enact Sharia right now. This just barely a week after he skipped his meds and declared Democratic opposition to now-UN Ambassador John Bolton's appointment the first step towards a UN-levied global tax.

Dismiss him if you must. But remember that his opinions are SOLICITED by the majority in Congress, most recently in hearings over China's bid for Unocal. Yes kids, if you eat all of your lead paint chips and huff all the paint within reach, you too can be an influential member of the posse.

(CHB shares none of Gaffney's shrill and unAmerican pessimism. But some days...)


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