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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hastert stays focused...on the rich

Dennis Hastert's bloated soul was on display in the hours after Katrina overwhelmed the Gulf Coast when he offered that New Orleans shouldn't be rebuilt -- precisely the kind of reassurance I suspect no one affected by the hurricane found endearing. Now the House Speaker and former high school wrestling coach is looking to throw more mud in our eyes.

Sept. 14 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. House Republican leaders said they would seek to pass a $70 billion tax-cutting measure thatwould extend a 15 percent rate on dividends beyond 2008, an effort that faces opposition in the Senate as the costs ofHurricane Katrina escalate.

``We need to stimulate the economy,'' House Speaker Dennis Hastert said today. (This from the invaluable Ryan J. Donmoyer, who is without peer in the world of DC tax journalism.)

It's one thing to have priorities, it's another thing to jeopardize the free flow of assistance to those in need. But who is he kidding? Has he any experience with stimulating the economy? Purchasing Doritos by the bulk, Mr. Speaker, isn't going to do it alone.


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