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Friday, September 30, 2005

W to PLO: Bail me out, Mahmoud

This just in: George W. Bush turns to the Palestinian Authority's president to help polish the turd that his administration has fully blossomed into. Mahmoud Abbas, can you help W finally pull off the grandest distraction yet? With a double-smacked Gulf Coast, a ``record plunge in consumer confidence,'' a widening quagmire in Iraq, and the fatally-malignant cancer now revealing itself in the muscular center of the GOP's Washington chokegrip, W needs all the help he can get.

By hoping to script Abbas -- who will no doubt be referred to often as the `popularly elected' this, or `the choice of the people that' -- along a Georgie W. Democracyseed story line, maybe the White House thinks it will deflect some of the unbearable political heat descending on what's turning into a lovely Washington autumn.

W's image has always been cardboard. He's had both his guns and butter, and handed out more plum appointee jobs than anyone - jobs that reach deeper into the bureaucracy, further undermining the government's ability to serve. FEMA is only where that patronage has come most forcefully to light. But to anyone watching with half-an-eye, the oversight of Operation Iraqi Freedom has been a disaster too. The wilted and mildewy remainder of W's flimsy construction is now on full display.

Abbas can't help this uniter-not-a-divider. And consider that long-ago advertized compassion, while preserving top bracket tax breaks, deploying corporate favoritism that cannot be called capitalism without a smirk, and launching a phony war: W's granted fewer pardons than any president since Taylor. *(Excluding William Henry Harrison and James Garfield, who didn't live long enough to exercise their Article II, section 2 powers).


Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release September 30, 2005


Visit by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to Washington

President Bush will welcome Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to the White House on October 20, 2005. The President looks forward to discussing with President Abbas Palestinian efforts to improve governance, revive their economy, institute security reform, and fight terror. The two leaders will also discuss a range of other bilateral and regional issues.
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