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Monday, October 17, 2005

Judy's General

For many months since he was posted in Iraq to lead the retraining mission, Lt. Gen. David H. Petraeus has enjoyed a near mythic status in D.C.'s press and political high class. This despite the woeful shape of Iraq's fighting forces that he was charged with pressing into fighting shape.

According to many military folks, Petraeus isn't fully the hero that his press kit suggests. In fact, Petraeus is a practiced apple-polisher with a long history of playing networks to his political advantage. That hardly distinguishes him from the ranks of ambitious officers. Nor is inter-Army back-biting anything new.

Yet now his name has come up as an ally of Judith Miller's in Iraq. He has reportedly gone so far to please her (and, possibly, her neoconservative sponsors in Washington who helped set up her unprecedented military access with WMD-hunters in Iraq) as to take her side over another military officer on a matter of troop movements. Can you imagine? General Judy was in command of U.S. troops, in a manner of speaking.

Long before he became a general, but very soon before his meteoric rise through the green ranks of Army service, Petraeus met and married his girl Holly. It just so happened that Cadet Petraeus met Holly, the daughter of the U.S. Military Academy superintendent, while Petraeus was attending the U.S. Military Academy.

Looks like someone knew early on which girl to lavish attention on when looking for a scratch behind the ears?


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