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Thursday, December 22, 2005

More "fun" with quotes...

In the annals of sad, very bad, no good, altogether terrible days, we've had a few major tear-jerkers lately. Sure, 9-11 was right up there. Election night last year, not so happy-making either -- very much like the day we invaded Iraq, the day Bush decided it was okay to spy on Americans without a court's approval or even the day an inert Terri Schiavo was dragged through the gutters by politicians mad on morbid self-gratification. We could reach back further, back as far as 82 years, and find plenty more to be blue about.

Why 82 years? Because that's the age of Senator Ted Stevens, Kleptocrat from Alaska. As all 2 of you no doubt know, Stevens is the champion of the little guy -- the little billionaires and helpless oil magnates -- and as such, he pushed as hard as anyone not brandishing an AK-47 could push to open up the Arctic to oil drilling. He failed late Wednesday, and he's in a total funk.

``This has been the saddest day of my life,'' Stevens told the New York Times.

Really, Ted? Really? We're too numb at this point to know whether Stevens is criminally out of touch with what's going on in the country he claims to help lead or simply criminally on the take from Big Oil. Or both.

Update: Stevens was apoplectic last night, according to FOCHB (friends of Cornhuskerblogger).

He seemed on the verge of announcing his resignation, come reports. But the most eye-popping moment last night came when he denounced opponents of his measure as anti-poor. It's quite the measure of the man's compassion for the needy that he denounced his opposition and threatened to go to ``every one of your states and tell them what you've done'' by defeating oil drilling in the Arctic.

What have they done, Ted? They've denied home heating assistance to the poor, money for which would have come from selling some oil-drilling leases. This assistance couldn't possibly be funded by cutting back on tax cuts for the richest, right Ted? How about not spending a billion dollars to dig more holes in the Alaskan tundra for a missile defense system that doesn't work?

The fact is, Stevens is worried because Exxon-Mobil is worried -- the Alaskan pipeline isn't at capacity anymore. This means it's costlier per barrel of oil to pump crude through the pipe -- which drags on the company's bottom line. We know: your hanky is too wet to soak up any more tears for Big Oil.


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