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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

What's black and white and red all over?

No wonder he doesn't read the newspapers. It's far more fun to go waterboarding with their editors.
President Bush has been summoning newspaper editors lately in an effort to prevent publication of stories he considers damaging to national security. (WaPo 12-26)

It's not just people this guy loves torturing -- but logic too. The ugliest side of his administration is coming into a fuller public view. And Dubya's solution? Eliminate the view. It's pure rightwing escapism...or is that scaphism?

Update: Across the Atlantic, our car dealer/ambassador to the Court of St. James apparently hasn't yet received the newest set of talking points. Rather than trying to gag the press, Robert Tuttle continues to simply lie.

The U.S. doesn't ship folks to grim foreign locales for Q&A/S&M, Tuttle tutted.
It is the second time in recent weeks that Mr Tuttle has had to correct misleading statements about the actions of US forces, and provoked a fresh outcry from Labour MPs over the practice of extraordinary rendition. (Independent UK)

Maybe they know not their sins? No. They do. But the rest of us will continue paying the price.

Update II: the Updatery

NYPutzer (sorry, NYPoster) John Podhoretz and the groovy folks at Fox News are now claiming the NYT and other ``journalistic outlets'' are ``against the war on terror'' for spilling the truth.

Are they really so lazy that they have to recycle these totally tired lines? Yup.


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