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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Allah in Indiana

Radical Muslims storm the legislature and, in defiance of a court order, begin chanting "Allah, Allah, Allah."

The radicals promise to do this every day. Local imams come out to watch and cheer the radicals on.

Extremist religious mutineers waging holy war on American Democracy? You decide.

Inevitably, pseudo-penitent pols risk unflattering comparisons with the almighty when they continue to push the heavenly buttons. And, courtesy of the religiousleft, we know just how unflattering those comparisons can be.

Perhabs Dubya and his congregation thought it was the sneaks that shall inherit the earth? The leaks? The closeted, gay-bashing freaks?

Update: Because it's a very slippery slope, this religion thing...very slippery


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