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Thursday, February 16, 2006

A secret seizure

So Dick Cheney has the unilateral power to declassify government information. Nifty.

The question is what other powers has W signed away to Dick under cover of secrecy? The executive orders issued by W can be found on the White House website, but are all of them there? Take a wild, leaping guess humans.

If you've been listening these past six years, you know that you and everyone else in this country isn't on a need-to-know basis with the administration's truth. Cheney is whisked around from secret locations to Studio B to exclusive vacations on a continuous basis. He doesn't do the glad-handing; that's for our Strutter-in-Chief. He's squirreled away doing the heavy lifting of policy bungling while W plays the part perfectly on tv.

So how much of this heavy lifting did W subcontract out to Cheney? W basically bragged about how he would do precisely that. With delegation comes the necessity for accountability. The only kind of accountability W brought to Washington unfortunately was the re-branding of the GAO.

Can you smell what CHB is cooking? Cheney doesn't report to anyone -- and clearly feels no need to report to his own boss, or his boss's boss: all of us. He blasted away a hunting buddy and was perfectly content to remain silent. So we hear about the Veep's shotgunning of an Austin attorney by way of an eyewitness who may or may not have actually been an eyewitness. The guy is an autocrat for whom laws and transparency are concepts of convenience. With a jello mold as president, you can be sure Cheney squeezed as much authority out of W as he could -- and we're getting another bitter taste of that.

Goes to show what kind of limited imagination John Nance Garner had. Cheney clearly isn't satisfied with warm piss. Human blood, however, yes he is.

Update: In the spirit of full disclosure, Cheney and CHB were both born in Lincoln, Nebraska. You've got to take the bitter with the better i suppose.


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*snicker* Strutter-in-Chief *snicker*

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