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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

What's a well connected former cabinet secretary to do?

What has Tom Ridge been up to lately?

Without the terror threat meter he so deftly weilded during the 2004 presidential election -- making us alternately crap ourselves raw and scream ourselves hoarse -- he attracts none of the spotlight that he once did. Remember when he was called a possible presidential candidate? Just goes to show how toxic service in W's administration is -- and who, beyond the Russerts of the world, really thinks Condoleezza Rice is such a terrific candidate?

Well, the pastures are greener beyond the confines of the executive cabinet. Ridge knows that; Welcome to Savi Technology, of Sunnyvale, California.

Ridge is a board member of the high-tech firm -- and no, it's not because Ridge was a highly competent programmer and radio frequencies specialist before serving as Pennsylvania's governor. He wasn't. He simply has connections out the wazoo. And they pay off for Savi -- the company was awarded a $202.5 million delivery order this week as part of a $424.5 million contract.

It was...drumroll please...a sole source contract. This means that competition -- that Darwinian advantage capitalism has over, say, cronyism or communism -- was not brooked.

Nice to see that even in retirement Ridge is helping the Bushies keep the homeland safe, one well-connected company at a time. And despite Alberto Gonzalez, who this week asserted that it was no mistake we hadn't had a 9-11 rerun, why am i still so worried about the homeland?


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