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Monday, April 03, 2006

In praise of army hotness

The time-worn question of whose country has the hottest soldiers seems to be fully answered -- oy vey, has it ever.

But as you are ogling the Israeli Defense Force's finest, consider what it means when everyone -- hotties included -- has to serve in the military. Would we have gotten bogged down in Iraq?

Requiring military service is no guarantee of quagmire evasion -- consider Israel's bloody blunder into Lebanon. But when everyone's family is at risk of spilling blood abroad, would everyone be a little more engaged in the issues? Would we demand more explanations from our leaders when they rattle their sabers at shadows?

Would we be less inclined to intervene in those tragedies that history has begged us to step into?

Regardless of how you answer the above questions, there is no doubt that our military must look like our nation -- for fear that we begin a slippery slope tumble into Hessians/contractors fighting our wars for us. War is a nasty business, it should never be an easy option of simply writing a big check to get it launched. Our military must not simply echo the racial and religious composition of our country, but also its full economic and class range too. Wouldn't that make us, whether more trigger-wise or not, at the very least more American: more equal?

And let's face it, a little more hotness can't hurt.


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