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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What's That In The Air? It Must Be War

It looks as though the Bush Junta is sitting in Texas making up yet more fraudulent excuses for war to give Republicans a political boost. This time the illicit, unjustified and immoral war is against Iran, timed conveniently to help Republicans out in midterm elections with the God and Guns crowd. Will Bush stop at nothing to ensure Halliburton has access to more no-bid contracts, sacrificing America’s young in the process as a mere speedbump in the road to fill Dick Cheney’s already-overflowing coffers stuffed with illegal continuing Halliburton payments?

And what has Iran done to provoke the Chimp’s ire? Done poorly on a geography exam? Offered to help out some friends? Threaten to defend itself from untoward American aggression in the only way it can? Not threaten America if attacked by America?

Maybe the last is the real reason. We all know who’s pulling the strings when it comes to American foreign policy.

Bush has been in office six years, and in that span he will have started three, maybe four wars (watch your back, Canada) against innocent countries just minding their own business. All we can hope for is that Congress will execute their constitutional duty to impeach, so Bush can join First Bosom Buddies Ken Lay and Jack Abramoff in the slammer.


Blogger Jonah B. Gelbach said...

Bush has been in office six years, and in that span he will have started three, maybe four wars (watch your back, Canada) against innocent countries just minding their own business.

Now, now Peter. You really are verging into paranoid (and ad hominem---see the "Chimp" reference) waters lately.

I think there was one vote against the AUMF, and that one vote was by a philosophical pacifist (Barbara Lee, who was my Rep at the time, since I lived in Berkeley). Every other Democrat in either house of Congress voted (essentially) to attack Afghanistan. And certainly no one serious has suggested that that country was "minding its own business".

Iraq was run by a brutal and potentially---potentially---dangerous dictator (so brutal and potentially dangerous that he won the support of President Reagan and the honor of a warm greeting from our current SecDef back in the day). But it turns out that that potential was barely, if at all, realized---and that this fact was known or should have been by the Bush WH. Meanwhile brutality is/has been barely acknowledged in Liberia, Darfur, and so on.

Iran appears to be a thorny problem. I don't know what the solution is, but I do know that we'd all have been better off if this administration had taken this problem seriously back when instead it was planning Bush's Mission Accomplished landing and thinking about how to eat all that candy and vase all those flowers.

So if you're serious about impeachment, here are some suggestions:

1. Drop the Afghanistan part. The Taliban had it coming (though certainly the population doesn't deserve the chaos and neglect we left them so we could focus on Iraq).

2. Drop the "minding their own business" reference in the Iraq part of your articles of impeachment. Focus instead on the wholesale deceptions used to sell the war and the willful incompetence of the occupation.

3. If you must bring in Iran, maybe you could focus on the fact that Iran (and North Korea) always appeared more dangerous than Iraq---at least, to many experts not caught up in the breathless race to race to Baghdad.

Anyhow, while I'm happy to see that you're finally jetisonning your unquestioning allegiance to the faith-based foreign policy of the right, paranoid leftyism is not much of an improvement.


ps you might want to check out this post for what at least some experts think about the idea of bombing Iran.

5/02/2006 3:33 PM  

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