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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Allen's Vault

We've spent considerable time in recent days wringing all possible droplets of guilty joy from Sen. George Allen's troubled re-election campaign and comeuppance.

I'd like to indulge for at least one more post. There's still some schadenfreude to squeeze out.

Turns out Allen vaulted everything he ever wrote, for posterity's sake. He so fancied himself a man of history that he thought he'd do all future scholars a favor by preserving every scrap of his writing -- from official correspondence to bar napkins featuring just a chicken scratch. According to a former Allen staffer I spoke to this weekend, Allen's habit annoyed everyone in his office.

``He actually has a real vault, like they have in a bank,'' said the staffer, a Republican. (CHB is a redstate Democrat after all -- giving him an all-access pass to reasonable people on both sides of the aisle.) ``He's ridiculous.''

Where is this vault? When do we get a peek at Allen's greatness, or at least his favorite racist jokes? Sounds like a job for Geraldo Rivera.


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