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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hasta la vista, Felix Macacawitz

Well, that was characteristically unimpressive.

A couple of pieces of advice, Sen. Allen: First, you're never going to come out well in comparison when you stand up next to Sen. John Warner. It's just going to remind people what a real statesman looks like -- and remind them that it's not you. Second, PUT THE DARN FOOTBALL DOWN!!!! It's been a long time since anyone cared that your daddy was a football coach.

As I sit here and wallow in the waves of schadenfreude crashing over me, it's easy to see the major message of this campaign: Northern Virginia rules. Jim Webb walloped Allen in the NoVa districts, places where the state's growth is concentrated. Those counties and cities aren't getting any redder anytime soon -- especially since newly-elected Democrats will be bringing a whole new group of staffers with them, folks who are likely to choose to live in close-in places such as Arlington and Alexandria.

Mark Warner. Tim Kaine. And now, Jim Webb (by far the weakest of the three candidates, I might add). Warner, of course, won re-election in 2002 -- but he's not, and has never been, the kind of superconservative that Allen has always proudly proclaimed himself to be. Repeat after me: Virginia is NOT a ruby-red state.

Neither is Florida, Charlie Crist's resounding victory notwithstanding. Yes, Crist won, but he ran on a platform that's vastly more moderate than the positions espoused by the man he's replacing, Gov. Jeb Bush. Crist beat back a right-wing challenge in the primary despite refusing to dictate to women on the issue of abortion or declare homosexuality the immoral scourge of modern life. I'm not deluded enough to believe that "Chain Gang Charlie" will think terribly hard before signing death warrants, but he has said that he wants to end Florida's shameful practice of forcing ex-convicts to apply for clemency in order to reclaim their right to vote. With the right candidate (preferably one not related to the sitting governor), Florida could easily back a Democratic presidential candidate in 2008.

For now, though, let's say goodbye to Sen. Allen. Maybe now he'll have time to read all of Webb's novels.


Blogger cornhuskerblogger said...

but seriously. governor charlie christ? This dim George Hamilton knock-off needed, like, 5 shots at his bar exam, didn't he? Finally, Florida elects a governor that looks precisely like a used car dealer -- if actually less capable than one. I love the rest of the 11-7-06 report. Don't get me wrong. But the words "Gov. Christ" should be a chilly reminder that we're still living in less than Panglossian times.

11/09/2006 5:04 PM  

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