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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A4J Not Fans

I don't know much about Roberts (though that will change). Here's a link to an Alliance for Justice report on him; their conclusions are not comforting:
John Roberts’ legal career and professional writings reveal that he is out of the mainstream in his legal views in a number of areas, most prominently civil rights and the right to choose. His record as a member of the Bush and Reagan administrations reflects opposition to the rights of women and minorities, as well as a restrictive view of the proper role of federal courts in protecting the environment and the rights of criminal defendants. His comments about the Rehnquist Court reveal Roberts’ extremist ideology, a view confirmed by his membership in and connections to ultra-conservative legal groups.

Mr. Roberts has been nominated to a federal court with tremendous influence. The Washington Times said of the nomination of Roberts (along with that of Miguel Estrada) to the D.C. Circuit that it, “offer[s] business the best opportunity in years to free itself from government regulations…. A victory for conservatives on the appellate court could cut deeply into the aspirations of environmentalists, labor groups, and other social activists. They depend on federal regulations to carry out their advocacy efforts. The Senate was denied the opportunity to question Roberts fully about his record and his views at his recent hearing. The Alliance for Justice opposes his nomination.


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