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Friday, May 26, 2006

And The GOP Called Hillary A Carpet-Bagger

I simply link to this report (well, editorial, really).

President Bush says he is the decider.


I simply link to report. You decide.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Future recipient of: A) presidential medal of freedom, B) presidential pardon, or C) both.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Exception Proves the Rule -- Republicans Are the Party of Corruption

Louisiana Congressman William Jefferson doesn't seem to be a big fan of nuance. Videotaped accepting a $100,000 cash bribe, he was later found to have squirreled away $90,000 of it in his freezer. Nice touch.

One would hate for the fact that the Congressman happens to be a Democrat to interrupt the storyline that Republicans have a monopoly on corruption, though. Which is why we can thank NPR's Marketplace's show Morning Report yesterday for introducing a story on the Jefferson bribe scandal as follows: "The dark cloud of corruption that hangs over some powerful Republicans is swallowing up at least one Democrat as well" and ending the piece as follows: "Now, back to those Republicans."

So the dark cloud of corruption is swallowing up this Democrat because this Democrat is somehow linked to some other corruption scandal? Well, no. Jefferson seems to have been an independent contractor, accepting bribes from companies with business interests in Africa. So, this corruption scandal actually has nothing to do with any other scandal, on either side of the aisle? Well, yes. But Marketplace might as well try to continue the drumbeat that Republicans have cornered the market on corruption. Because we all know they have.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Real World: Congress

Are you a Hill hottie? Because that hotness of yours demands a wider audience, doesn't it?

Don't grow old in the untelevized warren of committee offices and underground Capitol walkways. Stop wasting your considerable "talent" on flatulent plutocrats from every corner of America when you could be flexing your inner diva on the small screen...

Finally -- the Reality TV carcrash hits the people's house. Yes, you think-tankers are welcome to try out, too.

I've long favored simply another C-SPAN -- a C-SPAN XXX, where you can see lobbyists and members humping out hot legislative action in smokey back rooms. This won't be that. But I'm readying the VCR just in case.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Is there anything you can't find online?

A relative just sent me to this site.

I was traumatized to see my driver's license online, complete with address and (semi-)accurate description.....

What's That In The Air? It Must Be War

It looks as though the Bush Junta is sitting in Texas making up yet more fraudulent excuses for war to give Republicans a political boost. This time the illicit, unjustified and immoral war is against Iran, timed conveniently to help Republicans out in midterm elections with the God and Guns crowd. Will Bush stop at nothing to ensure Halliburton has access to more no-bid contracts, sacrificing America’s young in the process as a mere speedbump in the road to fill Dick Cheney’s already-overflowing coffers stuffed with illegal continuing Halliburton payments?

And what has Iran done to provoke the Chimp’s ire? Done poorly on a geography exam? Offered to help out some friends? Threaten to defend itself from untoward American aggression in the only way it can? Not threaten America if attacked by America?

Maybe the last is the real reason. We all know who’s pulling the strings when it comes to American foreign policy.

Bush has been in office six years, and in that span he will have started three, maybe four wars (watch your back, Canada) against innocent countries just minding their own business. All we can hope for is that Congress will execute their constitutional duty to impeach, so Bush can join First Bosom Buddies Ken Lay and Jack Abramoff in the slammer.