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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Gordon's Initial Take

Yale Law Prof Robert Gordon provides Initial Reactions to Roberts over at TPMCafe:
Roberts is a very conservative nominee. Both business and social conservatives will support him strongly, and with good reason. He hasn't had time to build much of a legacy as an appellate judge, but his career locates him solidly on the far right of today's Court, the Rehnquist-Scalia-Thomas wing.


Because his style is quiet and low-key, he is more likely to attract votes of fellow Justices than the inflammatory Scalia and the mediocre Thomas.


Roberts will be very hard to challenge, because all Bush's choices were bound to be bad and this one could have been much worse. If Senate Democrats are skillful, they will neither reflexively oppose Roberts nor go around saying what a great pick he is. They will point out that his views on many issues are unknown, that where they are known they are cause for concern, and will insist on a thorough examination. If he will not answer questions they should vote against him for that reason alone.


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