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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Here we go again?

The despicable Robert Novak says that a Rehnquist retirement will happen within a week.

In other news, Novak still isn't in jail....what does that tell you about his commitment to confidentiality?


Blogger strategery4 said...

Despite the fact that the source is -- as The Daily Show calls him -- a "Douchebag for Liberty", I have to say I agree with his assessment that it would be good for the Dems if Renquist also steps down. Then they can vote for one conservative and not even risk the appearance of being obstructionists. I suppose it's possible they could get trapped by the argument that if one conservative is OK, why not the other -- as some are trying to do with the Brown and Owens precedent -- but I still think it's better for them than having to fight over one conservative at a time. And if they want Scalia to be Chief too the Dems can just pocket that -- who cares who the Chief is anyway, their power is minimal.

7/07/2005 2:31 PM  

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