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Thursday, July 14, 2005

I'll Take My Berger Rare

I was wondering when the righties would bring this up. Via this post at AngryBear, I noticed K.J. Lopez's comment at The Corner:
Remember Sandy Burgular [sic, and double-sic]? I remain more concerned about the near-non-scandal of a former national-security adviser mishandling and destroying classified docs than any of this Rove stuff.
While the "more concerned" bit is plain stupid, I was disgusted with the light slap on the wrist that Berger received for his totally indefensible actions. I can't help but think that a less well-connected person who did the same thing would have been in deep legal trouble (ditto for John Deutsch).

Two observations:
  1. What Rove (and his apparent accomplices) did is much, much worse.
  2. Berger and Deutsch are beside the point, in any case.
  3. That said, we should stand on principle on all these cases; none of them is acceptable behavior from executive-branch officials.
None of this is to criticize AB's PGL---whose point is the total hypocrisy of these erstwhile patriots.

Update: PGL makes two good points in the comments section. Which leaves us in agreement, I think....


Blogger PGL said...

Not to excuse Sandy, but KLo failed to tell her readers that Sandy made off with COPIES - not the original. So "destroy" is misleading. Then again - her job at NRO is to lie for this Administration.

7/14/2005 9:27 PM  

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