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Friday, July 22, 2005

Miller Time For CCM?

Check out this post by Steve Clemons, excerpted in full here:

TWN has just learned from a highly placed source -- and in the right place to know -- that John Bolton was a regular source for Judith Miller's New York Times WMD and national security reports.

The source did not have any knowledge on whether Bolton was one of Miller's sources on the Valerie Plame story she was preparing, but argues that he was a regular source otherwise.

It's all "thickening."

This is not a surprise to us here at CCM. We've been suggesting that Judy Miller may be in tight in this whole escapade for quite some time. And a couple hours ago, I posted on Bolton, suggesting that if he's involved, it was likely by talking to Miller about Plamegate, and almost certainly after Kristof and before Wilson. You'd think this is the sort of thing Fitz would want to ask her about, especially if he really has talked to Bolton (see this post for more on Bolton).

Yep, our conspiracy theory may have gotten some details wrong (we pooh-poohed the Bolton connection back then, among other things), but the basic motif is looking more and more plausible.


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