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Monday, July 18, 2005

No Clean Pledge

In my previous post, I forgot to mention one of the other key moments of RNC SIC Mehlman on yesterday's MTP. Mehlman made a big point of saying that he has confidence in Pat Fitzgerald, and he doesn't want to prejudge the criminal aspects of the case [digression: note that the bar has now been clearly set -- the Bush White House holds fast to a firm ethical standard that no convicted felons will work in the WH]. Russert then asked him a very reasonable question: will you agree right now, in advance, not to attack Fitzgerald if he does indict members of the WH staff? Here's the next few lines of the exchange, as provided by Crooks and Liars (they also have links to the video):
Mehlman: Uh, first of all, I'm the chairman of the Republican National Committee. I'm not an attorney for anybody. Uh, the fact is, uh, I look forward to his getting to the bottom of this. I can't speak for.

Russert: But, but if he indicts White House officials, will you pledge today because you have tremendous confidence in him that you will not criticize his decision?

Mehlman: Uh, again, I'm not going to speculate. I have tremendous confidence in him. I look to him to get to the bottom of this. Whatever he does, I can assure you people are going to follow and are going to look to abide by, but --

Podesta: Say yes

Mehlman: I think it would be inappropriate for me as the RNC chairman to say what legal strategy people may take in the future.
That about sums it all up.


Blogger strategery4 said...

The Podesta crack -- just say yes -- was the funniest thing I've seen on one of the talk shows in a long time.

As for Mehlman, does anyone else think his hand gestures are a bit odd. He's talking and then all of a sudden his whole left arm pops up on the screen. It's like somebody hit his knee with one of those reflex tester thingies and as a consequence his arms jerks. Or maybe he's really a Muppet with a string attached to his arm -- that's the only other creature I can think of that talks that way.

To give a little more props to the MSM, there's a nice piece in today's Times about how you don't have to NAME somebody to break the law in question here. Thought maybe I heard that somewhere before. And Russert did a nice job with the security clearance stuff (though I bet that law/rule is broken all the time).

7/18/2005 2:03 PM  

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