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Monday, July 11, 2005


There's something I forgot to mention in my Conspiracy post below. Consider this quote from Adam Liptak's article in today's NYT:
"A fair reading of the e-mail as well as the context in which the conversation took place makes it clear that the information conveyed was not part of an organized effort to disclose Plame's identity," Mr. Luskin said.
Keep in mind a couple things here:
  1. This is full-scale retreat, but in the very Clintonian way that we've come to expect from Mr. Luskin. Having now had to walk back multiple statements crafted to seem unequivocal and suggest that Rove was not involved, Luskin now wants you to think that Rove was not part of "an organized effort" trying "to disclose Plame's identity". But he doesn't say "Joe Wilson's wife's identity"; nope, "Plame's identity". Which is a dodge he and Rove have used before.
  2. And Luskin also confines his claim to "the e-mail as well as the context in which the conversation took place". That is, he doesn't say that Rove wasn't part of a Conspiracy -- just that the particular e-mail and its context don't show that "the information conveyed" was part of such a conspiracy.
Most notably, if conspiracy theories are so feverish, then why does Luskin specifically address "an organized effort"? Why not just say Rove didn't do anything wrong? Or that what Rove did do wasn't illegal because it didn't violate the IIPA since (the claim goes), Rove didn't "know" that "Joe Wilson's wife" was a covert agent?

No, I think Luskin talked about "an organized effort" for a very, very good reason.


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