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Thursday, July 28, 2005

State Says Bolton Did Not Testify

From an AP story released today:
John Bolton, the nominee for U.N. ambassador, has not testified to a grand jury or been interviewed by prosecutors about the leak of a CIA officer's identity, the State Department said Thursday in reply to a Democratic critic.

In paperwork filed with the Senate earlier this year in connection with his nomination, Bolton denied a role in any investigation over the past five years. Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del., who opposes the nomination, questioned the veracity of that response, prompting the State Department reply.

"That answer is truthful then and it remains the case now," spokesman
Sean McCormack said.
It will be interesting to hear how MSNBC reacts.

Things don't end there, though. The AP story continues:
But after McCormack's statement, Biden, sent a new letter to the State Department asserting Bolton was interviewed by State Department internal investigators in July 2003 on a related matter. He did not say how he knew this and the State Department had no immediate response.


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