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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Talking Points About Fitzgerald

Josh Marshall has asked folks to "Help us chart the movements of the Rove Slime Machine. Have you seen media attacks on Matt Cooper and/or Patrick Fitzgerald?" Demagogue responds (as do others, in the comments at TMPCafe).

Here are some very nice talking points from Demagogue's post last year:
  1. President Bush appointed him U.S. Attorney in Chicago.
  2. John Ashcroft selected him as the special prosecutor and [Alberto Gonzales] can fire him if he's committing any kind of prosecutorial misconduct (a huge difference from the days of the Independent Counsel statute, when the I.C. was truly independent of the Justice Department).
  3. He's got excellent War on Terror credentials from his days in the U.S. Attorney's Office here in New York, which prosecuted a number of terrorist conspiracies in the 90s (the 1993 WTC bombing, for instance).
[Editor's Note: I have mixed feelings about one of Demagogue's supporting points on this front; see the link and the discussion of Lynne Stewart there. In any case, I'm sure your garden variety Republican would have no such mixture of feelings.]


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