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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Volokh Views -- Do They Refuse?

One of my favorite places on the net is The Volokh Conspiracy, which is run by a collection of law profs, led by UCLA's Eugene Volokh. I'd bet I disagree with a lot of the views (at least, regarding what we economists would call "objective functions") expressed there, but the posts are usually very interesting, usually make me think pretty hard, and come from a diverse set of ideological and legal backgrounds.

So it is with disappointment that I report that I can't seem to find any recent posts over at TVC concerning Karl Rove's involvement in the leaking of a covert CIA agent's identity to multiple reporters, Rove's attempts to cover up said leak, the WH's misleading-or-inaccurate statements, and the question of whether there might be a prosecutable criminal conspiracy to leak classified information as a way to undermine political opponents who have the temerity to write opinion pieces in major newspapers.

I've done some searching but see nothing in at least the last week. Perhaps I am screwing up the search, either on their site or on Google.

If anyone knows of a Volokh Conspirator's discussion of Leakgate, please let me know.


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