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Monday, July 25, 2005

Weekend Plame Developments: I

I want to discuss a couple of developments in RoveWarLiesDeathGate over the weekend. Lots of people are talking about the well-publicized revelation -- which actually has been known for a very long time -- that then-WH Counsel Gonzales waited 12 hours to tell WH staff not to destroy any Plame-related documents after hearing from DoJ that there would be a criminal investigation.

Frank Rich kicked off the fun with his column yesterday in the NYT. On Face the Nation, Gonzales said that the WH asked for and received permission to wait 12 hours (since he got the investigation word at 8pm). Could be. Happily, Bob Schiefer asked Gonzales if he told anyone at the WH about the investigation before the morning. Gonzales said yes, "the chief of staff" -- meaning Andy Card.

Which makes one wonder whether Card has testified to the grand jury (I can't find anything on the web to say he has, though I might be missing something obvious), and, if not, whether he will be asked to. In the meantime, the WH didn't comment yesterday when asked whether Card told Rove or anyone else about the impending investigation.

Another interesting piece of news is that Gonzales told Brit Hume on FNS that he himself has testified to the GJ in the case, but that he had no information on Plame/Wilson before reading about the whole thing in the papers.

Which raises the question: who of importance in the WH -- besides maybe Andy Card -- hasn't been linked somehow to this case?

WH, State, POTUS, VPOTUS. The gang's all there.


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