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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Will Rove Steele Away?

Karl Rove is scheduled to headline a fundraiser for Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele, who is considering running for Paul Sarbanes's U.S. Senate seat. Today the DSCC released the following statement:
"Karl Rove's effort to badmouth one of George Bush's critics by using his covert CIA agent wife was a dastardly act that might have compromised our national security. Michael Steele has to decide whether that is the kind of person who reflects his values and those of Maryland. We urge Michael Steele to do the right thing and cancel his event with Karl Rove," DSCC Communications Director Phil Singer said.
Looks like the NRSC doesn't think there's anything wrong with leaking classified information and then lying about it for two years: WBAL reports that NRSC spokesman Dan Ronayne said "There is no reason to cancel any event".

Right. No reason...no extra-marital affair, for instance. Just a leak that endangers NOC agents working on WMD issues.

Have these people no shame?


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