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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Win One On The Tipper

Frankly, I've pursued my "Fire Karl Rove. NOW." campaign (ok, "campaign" is a little strong -- kind of like saying "Democratic campaign", but it's the word I'm using) in a basically half-hearted way.

Why? Because
  1. I think The Moose is right: KR is going to get fired by W the same day that fiscal sanity makes an appearance in this administration.
  2. We good guys should get on the record that we expect the President to Mean What He Says -- he did campaign on that basis, after all.
Once it becomes obvious that Bush has no intention of showing any guts, character, consistency, or even simple decency on this issue, the Dems should pivot, and fast, to a campaign (a real one) to pressure Congressional Republicans. Pressure them to:
  1. Get on the record as to whether they think it is ok to leak a CIA agent's identity in pursuit of the destruction of a political enemy.
  2. Get on the record as to whether lying to the public about said leak is all right with them.
  3. Most importantly, return to tradition and take part in Congressional oversight of the Executive by holding hearings on the Plame affair -- complete with subpoena power, and no grant of immunity. They should haul Karl Rove, Scooter Libby, and anyone else implicated before the bright lights and make them either answer questions under oath or take the Fifth.
Why conduct this pressure campaign? Two reasons:
  1. Most importantly, all three of the preceding Pressure Points are the Right Thing To Do.
  2. Also of note, they would make for good politics. People in this country who are not committed to one party or another at all costs generally frown on politically motivated smear campaigns that destroy non-official cover for CIA agents working to protect them from WMD attacks, and they also typically frown on those who tell demonstrable lies once the Leakers are caught. For goodness' sake, Democrats: for once in your lives, take hold of a good-policy-makes-good-politics moment.

This issue isn't going away, because Karl Rove isn't going away. Make it an issue every single day between now and January 21, 2009.


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