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Monday, August 22, 2005

Falling Down

Take a look at this table of results from the latest ARG poll on W:

Aug200536%58% 6%
July 200542% 52%6%
Jun 200542% 53%5%
May 200543%51%6%
Apr 200544%50%6%
Mar 200547%48%5%
Feb 200549% 45%6%
Jan 200551% 44%5%
Dec 200450% 45%5%
Nov 200451% 43%6%
Oct 200445% 47%8%
Sep 200445% 48%7%
43% 50%7%

Makes me think of the chorus of this song, especially when you ask yourself how many people would support W even if there was a live telecast of him personally assaulting Cindy Sheehan and Valerie Plame/Wilson.....

Update: But see the results of this Rasmussen poll, which show a much rosier picture for Bush (48% approve). With reasonable sample sizes, there's no way to rationalize these difs...except that Rasmussen has four categories: "Strongly Approve (23%)", "Somewhat Approve (25%)", "Somewhat Disapprove (14%)", "Strongly Disapprove (38%)". I'd love to see the similar breakdown in the R poll over time: perhaps what is happening is that formerly strong approvers have moved to being very weak somewhat approvers, with some of them preferring "disapprove" to "approve" if forced to choose.....


Anonymous semper fubar said...

It's hard to believe that 6% of the population is 'undecided' about Bush at this stage of the game. Or does that simply represent the group of people who are in the process of transitioning from "Approve" to "Disapprove' at any given moment in time?

8/22/2005 12:11 PM  
Blogger strategery4 said...

Yeah, maybe that's like unemployed people or something; they don't have an opinion right now or ave recently lost theirs, but they are actively looking for one (reading the paper, checking the op-eds, etc.).

The other disturbing thing about those poll numbers is how they reach a local maximum above 50% in Nov/Dec 2004. Nice job there, John Kerry -- won't you please please pretty please run again in 2008? Maybe it would help the Dems more if you campaigned for Bush after you campaigned against him. Ass.

And herein a shameless plug for Matt Tabbai's new book Spanking the Donkey; not very far into it yet and don't agree with his neo-Chomskyite views, but anybody who'll take a can of whup-ass to Kerry is OK in my book (OK, excluding most Republicans and all Bushies).

8/23/2005 1:03 PM  

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