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Thursday, August 18, 2005


Arianna Huffington has up a very interesting post regarding the NYT and its reflexive support for Judy Miller -- not just its support of her defying Fitzgerald and landing in jail, but its total refusal to hold her accountable for her "reporting" in the time leading up to and following the invasion of Iraq.

For all the interesting stuff in the post, the one thing that really struck me was this description of NYT publisher Arthur Sulzberger by an anonymous inside-the-NYT source (!) of Huffington's:
You have to understand something about Arthur,” my source explained. “He’s always unequivocal. He doesn’t have another setting. You’re either his friend or his enemy. He either supports you in an extreme, almost childish, way or he won’t speak to you.”
Who knew George W. Bush was moonlighting as publisher of that scourge of the right, the New York Times?


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