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Sunday, September 25, 2005

CCM Tries to Unite, Not Divide

I haven't written many posts lately. The slowdown is partly work-induced, but partly also impending wedding-induced: I'm getting married this coming Saturday (speak now or forever hold your peace, and time is tight.

To fill the, ahem, void, I've decided to add a temporary member to Team CCM: my conservative friend Peter (who comments as "bu$h ate my baby"....evidently mocking liberal opponents who blame most things on President Bush). I know that rightwingers have Fox, a lot of CNN, all of the government, and most of talk radio to make their claims. So all three of you who read CCM might be wondering why CCM should avail itself to yet more rightwing talk.

The answer is that I think it would be a good thing if honest argument backed by fact-based claims and counterclaims were more common. So why not give the right a chance here at CCM? Maybe we can build bridges (and not just to largely uninhabited Alaskan islands, and not just to the 19th century) by making respectful arguments and comments to each other.

Maybe CCM can be a uniter, not a divider.

So, I hope you'll all welcome this week's guest blogger, Peter/bu$h ate my baby. Show him respect, show him love, and---if you think it's true---show him why you think he's wrong. But show him that you believe in CCM's core mission: free speech, open minds, and honest and respectful argument.


Blogger Mark Thoma said...

I've considered doing the same thing by posting blog entries from conservative blogs that have reasonable points to make for comment (I know, but logical thought from the other side really does exist out there and it's worth debating). There is, hopefully, a difference between what you do and what the media does more generally. On Fox, etc. they think journalism is getting two people screaming what may or may not be factual or logical on two sides of the screen assuming somehow, I suppose, that the truth will emerge in the middle of the screen. It doesn't.

We need more informed and respectful debate on these issues and I hope you will be able to take a step in that direction. Good luck!

9/25/2005 3:51 PM  
Blogger Jonah B. Gelbach said...

Thanks, Mark!

Let me know how you think BAMB does....

9/25/2005 4:02 PM  

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