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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Thoughts On This Morning's Procedings

I heard Specter's opening questions on the radio and just watched Biden's questions. I haven't seen or heard the rest yet (never fear: I'm Tivoing the whole thing....I know, I know, freakshow....).

Here are some quick thoughts:

1. I was surprised that Roberts said as much as he did about Roe to Specter. I think Roberts is going to be in very deep trouble with the Republican base if he doesn't get religion before these hearings end. I can't even imagine what Coburn and Brownback must have been thinking. If there is any real trouble looming for Roberts, it is most certainly the interplay between those two on the right and Feinstein, Specter and the rest on Roe.

2. Joe Biden came across as a real buffoon. I'm starting to think I was wrong to respect that guy.

3. Roberts has an awfully selective view of the "Ginsburg precendent": he's honoring the memory of her hearings when he declines to answer questions she declined, and honoring it in the breach when he declines to answer questions similar to the large number of ones she answered.


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