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Monday, October 24, 2005

Bush in a Nutshell

On schadenfreude grounds, this NY Daily News story is highly entertaining.

If true, its various tidbits are informative as well. My very favorite part concerns the discussion of how Bush has started to visibly blame others (who else would he blame? He is W, after all) for his administration's littany of woes. Easily the best line is this one, concerning an adviser's assessment that Bush has himself to blame for the Harriet Miers fiasco:
"He must know that the way he did that, relying on his own judgment and instinct, was not good," another key adviser said.

"Not good" results when George W. Bush depends "on his own judgment and instinct".

Where have I heard that suggestion before?

And here I thought that with W we were getting steady leadership for times of change.


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