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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Faint Praise: George Allen-CIA Leak Edition

Today we offer Senator George Allen (R-VA) some faint praise. CCM's faint praise is a simple matter of giving kudos to elected Republicans for doing or saying what they should do or say according to even the mildest set of expectations. Such acts and statements are notable only because so many elected Republicans have made such a mockery of the notion that they should be honest or principled, or do their jobs.

So why does George Allen get some faint praise? Because today on MTP, Sen. Allen said that Rove and/or Libby should step down if indicted:
MR. RUSSERT: But if Mr. Rove--if Mr. Rove and/or Mr. Libby is indicted, should they step down?

SEN. ALLEN: That'll be--I think they will step down if they're indicted.

MR. RUSSERT: And they should?

SEN. ALLEN: Yes, I do think that's appropriate that--I don't see where--if they're in the midst of an indictment.
Must have been some edition of MTP: You know things are getting goofy when George Allen makes Kay Bailey Hutchison look bad.


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