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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Meet The Complete Joke

Russert's CIA-leak panel today:
  • Judy Woodruff
  • David Broder
  • Bill Safire
  • David Brooks
That's right.

Two non-partisan, Washington Media-Industrial Complex journalists.

And two partisan Republicans -- both of whom have spent the last several minutes dissembling (or demonstrating total ignorance) about the very serious allegations in the indictment, which states that Scooter Libby did indeed leak classified information about Valerie Wilson's CIA employment status.

No Democrats from the media.

Russert has soiled himself for months by continuing to cover a story in which he is a -- major -- player. And now he has rubbed the mess all around his pen by having such an obviously biased, factually unmoored panel of "experts" to comment about the leak.


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