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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Life of the Party

spacegirl draws my attention to this brilliant ad by the DSCC, poking fun at Republican Michael Steele, who is the Republican candidate for the US Senate from Maryland. Republican Steele has gone out of his way to obscure his membership in the Republican party (see this post, for example). Meanwhile, Republican Steele has been running a commercial in which he highlights his love for puppies to fend off ads he forecasts will attack him for his Republican stands in favor of Republican positions.

Of course, as spacegirl likes to remind me, Republican Steele was chairman of the Republican Party of Maryland. He also likes to do fundraisers with Republican President Bush and Republican President Bush's Republican adviser Karl Rove.

It's nice to see the DSCC using humor and smiling derision to ridicule an opponent (one who richly deserves it, if only for pretending not to be whom he is) -- a tactic that Republicans use very effectively and Democrats rarely do.

Here's my suggestion for title of the next ad: "Republican Michael Steele: The Life of the Republican Party"


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