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Monday, November 06, 2006

More on the GOP Dirty Tricks Campaign

At least one commentator is suggesting that "what happened in New Hampshire is perfectly legal." Perhaps. As I wrote, I don't know the law here.

On the substance, though: One thing that drives me nuts about Dem responses to the various GOP outrages is that the Dems wind up sounding like a bunch of whiners -- confirming the weak-Democrats stereotype that the GOP finds so useful.

I wish that on-camera Dems would stop simply being outraged and start hitting back.

For example: why not put up an ad (and if it's too late for that, hold a press conference) in which Dem staffers announce the home and cell numbers of Ken Mehlman and other RNC and NRCC folks. Just as good, announce the home and cell numbers of the GOP candidates the NRCC is trying to help. Actually, don't stop there: announce the home and cell numbers of their families, too. And maybe their friends. That way, people receiving these early-morning, repeat robocalls can call the perps and their beneficiaries to complain. I bet the local and national media would cover that story.


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