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Sunday, November 05, 2006

They're All The Same

Or are they?

Next time someone tells you that Dems and Republicans are comparably bad, don't point out the 2002 New Hampshire phone-jamming scandal.

Nah. That's old news.

Just ask them what the Dems have done in recent memory that compares to this garbage.

These people don't believe in democracy or representative government. The only thing they understand or believe in is power. I hope that people receiving these calls will file an FCC complaint for every harassing, fraudulent call they receive. I don't know the law here, but I wonder whether conspiring to use telephone lines to harass and deceive subscribers is not just a civil but also a criminal offense.

I also hope that local news stations --- the ones that Bush-Cheney like to use to try to duck the national media --- will inform their audiences that those calls they're getting between 5-6am are coming from GOP groups, for the purposes of deceiving them.

Enough already.


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